Friday, July 6, 2012

Three Day Free Sale- Poked and Prodded

Hey everyone! It's been a few days, but in this time I have been entertaining lots of different family members. I haven't had too much time to shoot off very many practice arrows. So my goal of hitting a bulls-eye from 15 yards away has been put on hold momentarily.

However, in other news, my medical memoir, Poked and Prodded, is entering a special marketing discount starting on Saturday. For Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, you'll be able to download Poked and Prodded for your Kindle or any other electronic reader (including your computer), for free! That's right, for free! I'm very excited about this (if you can't already tell).

If you don't know anything about my book, here is its official blurb:
Poked and Prodded- A Humorous Medical Memoir

When Brian Fleming, an introverted husband and high school English teacher with chest pains, goes to his family doctor, he unknowingly begins a long, embarrassing, and painful medical journey. After recovery, the tables are turned. Brian's wife and high school sweetheart, Nina Fleming, requires life-altering surgery, forcing Brian to work through his narcissism and self-deprecation to find pride in his family and himself.
In Poked and Prodded- A Humorous Medical Memoir, Brian battles with pain, fevers, introversion, and doubt through self-deprecating humor. He tries desperately to get the answer to the age old question, "What's wrong with me, Doc?" Through test after test, Brian comes closer to finding his answer. Throughout his ordeal, his faithful wife, Nina is by his side as cheerleader, therapist, and soul mate. Upon recovery, Brian is required to try his hand at being a supportive spouse as Nina goes under the knife. At times, Brian is successful. At times he's not. But by the end of Poked and Prodded- A Medical Memoir, Brian achieves perfection, at least, in his eyes.

Try it out, there's nothing to lose! =]

Just use the following Amazon link to download your copy today! Poked and Prodded


  1. Love this Brian! Well done!!!!!

  2. Let me know if you need help for February.

  3. Thanks! And yes, Mojave Rockets, I will definitely seek out your advice and support for the February goal.


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