Monday, June 25, 2012

A Brief Writing Digression

I've had fun in the last two days telling people about my upcoming experiment to build my own archery bow. Unfortunately, I can't start that process until everything I have ordered from Amazon and Ebay come in. To my best estimation, all of my supplies should come in by Wednesday of next week. What am I going to this week then?

I've finished my robotics project.
I'm waiting to start the archery project.
Time to write.

This week, I'll have three full days, starting tomorrow, to write to my heart's content. Woo!
Now, I do want to pause my passion for this upcoming writing project to confront some previous words I've posted on this blog. Earlier this month, I said I wasn't going to write anymore this summer for money. Well, I'm going to bend this rule slightly. I have a Y.A. novel bouncing around my mind that just needs to be written. If I can get it done in time, in these next three days, I will be posting it on the Amazon Kindle store.

I'll give you a sneak peak at the cover of my yet-to-be-written Y.A. novel:

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