Sunday, June 17, 2012

Success! I'm So Proud of Our Little Boe-Bot

It has been a lot of work. A lot of sweat, a drop of blood (after puncturing myself with a screwdriver), but finally there are tears of joy. Both of Boe-Bots forward and backward pressure sensors are working wonderfully! Take a look below:

Isn't it beautiful? Little Boe-Bot looks like he's going to fall off the table, but no! He saves himself by sensing the edge of the table and quickly reversing his servo driven wheels.

Quick! Go back and watch the movie again. Isn't it amazing? Now, if you have never had any ventures in robotics, my exhilarated glee may seem ill-placed.  After all, isn't the robot just going back and forth, and back and forth? How hard could that be?

Let me tell you. Very hard. At least for us. It's taken three broken sensors (don't put superglue in sensors), hours of finagling, and millions of neurons firing at once to to perfect this robot motion.

More to come!

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