Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pushing through the Hard Stuff

So recently, I left the blog post below stating my urge to quit this robotics venture all together. I wrote this out of the frustration I felt with the tediousness of working with robotics. Sometimes, it can take you hours and hours just to get one sensor to work, or to debug your lines of computer code. It can be little fun at times. At times, you just want chuck the robot against the wall, scream "Forget it!", and pound your way back upstairs to enjoy a nice cool soda and watch your favorite sitcom in peace.

But then you won't build an amazing robot. Nor will you meet your goals. Nor will you start establishing the "can-do" attitude so vital to accomplishing anything great.

I'm in the process of powering through. As my previous post hints at, I am starting to reach some milestones with my dad, when it comes to the robot. The robot now has beautiful forward and backward sensors that respond magnificently to their programming. At the current time though, we are reaching another hurdle. Another impasse. Another throw-the-robot-at-the-wall-and-go-get-dinner moment. Unfortunately, now that we have put everything together, the robot falls off the stage much more frequently than it should. Not good. The good news is that my dad is on it. He knows this PBASIC language much more than I. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

30 minutes later-
Debugging still in process...
I'll keep you posted.

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