Sunday, June 24, 2012

Resources for Archery Bow Making

In my research, I've stumbled across many great resources. I'd like to share them here:
*Ordered from general information to specific instructions Cool vintage blueprints for bow making A simple description, but clear, nevertheless Another simple guide more in-depth and specific instructions building a bow with osage orange wood explains how to cut and shape osage orange wood

Additional Resources: Vintage self-bow plans A whole self-bow kit for purchase

I'd like to now add, thanks to Mr. Taylor! Additionally, he suggests the books: The Bent Stick and volumes I and IV of The Traditional Bowyers Bible.


  1. Brian, be wary of the resources you've found. Some of them are woefully outdated and quite incomplete. I would equate them with, "find a piece of wood and carve off everything that isn't a bow."
    Good information is out there but you need a certain amount of knowledge or luck to find the good stuff.
    One excellent online resource is the forum
    For books, look at The Bent Stick and volumes I and IV of the Traditional Bowyers Bible.
    The osage billets you've got will make a great bow, but there are easier materials for a first bow.

  2. Thank you! This information and these resources that you have provided will be a great aset to me and anyone else who is trying to make their own bow.


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