Friday, June 15, 2012

Time Off= Introspection

I'm not going to lie. Taking seven days off from the computer was difficult. But, in my time away, I have learned more about myself.

I realized one of the main reasons why I was constantly checking on my book sales and ratings was because I was trying to make writing a profitable summer job. Recently, I've felt uncomfortable with the self-promotion needed to do well in the self-publishing business. But some perspective has changed some of that. If I am writing as a summer job, than self-marketing, sales numbers, and continued literary output is the goal. If I am just writing for the sake of writing, none of that matters. Indeed, if I am just writing for the sake of writing, not of my written work would be published. I've made a decision. I'm going to write for the sake of writing for the remander of the summer. This means writing won't be my summer job, but I've come to terms with that.

Besides, I need to start getting serious about my year-long quest. On this note, my dad and I have worked for hours today on the 2lb. competition robot. The robot will be a supped-up version of Parallax's Boe-bot. This robot is fantastic for this competition because my dad is a genius at writing code for this type of robot. So far, we have established that my 2lb. robot will run a "random" code. This means the robot will move forward, then backwards, and spin, then move again, all in a totally random pattern. The random pattern is important because my little bot will be facing remote controlled robots driven by smart humans.

I've got to be honest though, I feel myself already getting bored with robotics again. I feel the familiar strong pull away from one life passion toward another. Recently, I've been more interested reading and researching new teaching strategies than robotics. But I have to power through it. I've said I'm going to see this through and I will.

*Please leave me a comment about what you've been working on lately. How have you been feeling about your goals?

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